Estimate your vitals in real time by taking a selfie.

See Your Heartbeat

Computed locally to preserve your privacy.

Take a Vital Selfie

Export your vitals or share your selfie.

Get Visual Insights

See where the app reads your vitals.

Supported Vital Signs

You can use VitalLens to estimate:

your ❤️ Heart Rate, and

your 🫁 Respiratory Rate.

More are in the works!

Use Cases

Monitor your physical fitness

Check your general health

Use for breathing exercises

Learn to regulate your pulse

Read our paper

This report introduces VitalLens, an app that estimates vital signs such as heart rate and respiration rate from selfie video in real time.

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Please keep in mind that VitalLens provides vital sign estimates for general wellness purposes only. It is not intended for medical use. Always consult with your doctor for any health concerns or for medically precise measurement.